When I was in first grade, I heard someone speak about Africa. I saw their eyes light up when they talked about how all the kids had this joy that you couldn’t help but smile when you are with them. 12 years later, I ended up in Uganda, Africa a dream of mine since the beginning. I will give you a little secret, the people in Uganda are exactly how that person 12 years ago said they were, full of unconditional love, energy that surpasses anything I have ever seen, and an infectious positive attitude. Everyday we embarked on a journey to Nation Changers Christian School and played games with the kids and did labor jobs for the school while the kids were learning. Life has a funny way of doing things, and as weird as it sounds, Uganda is where I realized what true love really is. Yes, to you true love might mean the couple who has been married for 50 plus years, or maybe even that person who you just can't help but smile and feel butterflies in your stomach when you're around. For me, I learned that true love is not some myth in the millions of romcoms I have watched over the years, or the dramatic love stories that all girls fantasize over, but true love is how we act. The Ugandan people treated each other with love and care, each one looking out for the other. They encouraged, supported, and was physically there for each other when they couldn’t handle life on its own. So give a hug, share a smile, genuinely be an active listener because love is not just a word thrown around, it is something that has to be acted on, just like the kids do in Uganda every day.

Nicolina Duhs