My freshman year of high school, I applied to go on my first mission trip to Uganda, Africa. I got on that team and we were all set to go until a month before the trip. There were some safety concerns. With that said the trip was pulled and an alternate trip to Fiji was put into place. I know what you are thinking "FIJI that is no mission trip but merely a vacation." Little did you know that Fiji is actually a third world country. In addition to the tropical rainforests and beautiful crystal blue water, there are millions of kids walking on the streets without shoes looking for things to eat. I taught in De Lana Primary school where I was with first through sixth graders. Teaching english was difficult but also very fulfilling to see how much the kids wanted to learn a language so unlike their own. Fiji, although not planned and very unexpected, changed my perspective on life altogether. It was Fiji that planted a seed in me to serve the world through such trips. To help those in need and to bring joy to all the lives I encounter. Fiji will always remain a very special place in my heart because it inspired a dream to work in non-profits.

Nicolina Duhs