Paris is one of my favorite places in the world. I might be biased because I am learning French and had a French foreign exchange student, but oh well. There is something amazing about having some type of bread food every morning, and drinking coffee almost everywhere you go. It is romantic, sophisticated, and simply put: magical. The history frankly comes alive when you look at the museums, and the intricate designs of the buildings. Seeing the eiffel tower light up night after night is a site to see and the beauty that radiates from district to district in Paris is nothing short of lovely. As you all know, fashion is a huge part in my life and Paris is where the fashion world comes together. AKA shopping was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. The latest trends in every store window, the most chic outfits worn by all who walked around, and the most fabulous stores ranging from high end to adorable local boutiques all in one city. Paris, I will most definitely be seeing you soon and of course smelling your sweet aroma of croissants.

Nicolina Duhs