I will be honest with you, I have always wanted to be in royalty so you could understand my excitement when my family ended up in London. Although none of the royal family is close to my age, therefore a disadvantage to my door to royalty, I got to experience the life of the royal family by tours of their houses. Also my dream of even getting to meet the royal family was crushed when I left with no causal run-ins with my soon to be family. Any who, London was strange to me. I felt like I was in a historic part of the United States, not a different country. We saw the London eye, road in taxis that were pink, and saw all the churches that all the royal people were married in, while eating at every pub known to man. London has endless amount of things to do, and sites to see. it was truly amazing to hear the british story on the American Revolution but more recently to hear them talk about our President Trump, which seemed to be the only thing they wanted to talk to us about. Back to the royal family. Ever since I was young, Princess Diana has been a huge inspiration to me. Not only did her fashion and beauty rock the world of her time, but her ability to make people feel welcome and her servant heart is truly a remarkable trait that should be recognized and appreciated by all. Needless to say, I got to see a museum of her numerous outfits she had worn. Not only was I stunned by the fashion icon’s sense of style, but I was taken back by the rebellious nature of her clothes, something that I too try to illuminate in my sense of fashion. Starting new trends, breaking the mold, and having fun creating outfits that will make a statement when you walk through the doors of an event.

Nicolina Duhs