My Go-To Look: The White T-Shirt Edition

In my closet, you can find all sorts of articles of clothing. From snakeskin pants to red booties, to pops of orange, and about everything in between, my closet is truly one of my most prized possessions. Although these fashionable and exotic clothing pieces are fun to wear, I find myself always going back to one thing: my favorite white t-shirt. Let’s be real, it’s all fun and games until you are scrambling to find something to wear in the morning, while you are running late to that meeting, class, or coffee date (goodness gracious, I have been there way too many times)! It is that exact reason that I keep coming back to my sacred white t-shirt. It is effortless but chic, you can dress it up or down, and it truly stands the test of time (it just never goes out of style, I have had mine for five years). People always ask me how to look put together from day to day without going crazy trying to find that perfect outfit in your closet. Here is my answer: wear the same white t-shirt in multiple ways, as different outfits. For the people who are about dying inside thinking of the word “outfit repeater” I am here to tell you, wearing the same shirt, while changing the other pieces of clothing you are wearing and adding accessories is called innovation (and I like to call it being a babe on a budget)!

So for those looking to amp up your style by not spending another dime on your wardrobe, take a look at these five outfits I created with the same white t-shirt.

Look #1: The Cheetah Girl

Shirt: Aritzia (Store)/ Sunday Best (Brand)

Skirt: No Rest For Bridget (Store)/ CottonCandy LA (Brand)

Jacket: Nordstrom (Store)/ Trouvé (Brand)

Shoes: Target

Accessories: Hat- Cedros Soles Boutique, Sunglasses- Express

Look #2: The Girl Next Door

Shirt: Aritzia (Store)/ Sunday Best (Brand)

Dress: Van De Vort (Store)/ Lost + Wander (Brand)

Shoes: Target

Accessories: Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Look #3: The Sophisticated & Sassy Woman

Pants: Urban Outfitters (Store)/ Silence + Noise (Brand)

Blazer: Bershka

Shoes: Nordstrom (Store)/ Vince (Brand)

Accessories: Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Look #4: The Back to Basics

Shirt: Aritzia (Store)/ Sunday Best (Brand)

Jeans: Artizia (Store)/ Levi’s (Brand)

Shoes: Nordstrom (Store)/ Nike (Brand)

Accessories: Ascot- Van De Vort, Sunglasses- Express

Look #5: The Trendy Chick

Shirt: Aritzia (Store)/ Sunday Best (Brand)

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Nordstrom (Store)/ Rebecca Minkoff (Brand)

Accessories: Hat- Nordstrom Rack, Sunglasses- Ray Ban, Earrings- Van De Vort

Five simple yet trendy looks, one white t-shirt, and you are ready for the runway of your day-to-day life!


Nicolina Taylor

Photography by hunter Crespo and Lauren Justus

Nicolina Duhs