My Favorite Summer Trend: Sundresses

Let's talk trends of the summer! Both in San Diego and in Los Angeles it has been crazy hot. Like I'm talking step outside and you are immediately sweating kind-of-hot. Anyway, this summer heat has got me to really step out of the box with my fashion, to be both comfortable and cute. Below you will find my go-to outfit these past couple of weeks: sundresses. i mean c'mon, dresses are so versatile. They can be worn for a barbecue with the family, shopping with the friends, or even a picnic at the beach during sunset with your man. whether you pair them with some chunky sneakers, some cat-eyed sunglasses, or layer on the JEWELRY, SUNDRESSES will help you beat the heat while also making the streets your very own personal runway. with that being said, here are some of my looks wearing sundresses:



Outfit #1:

Dress: auguste the label (van de vort)

hat: street market in italy

shoes: j-slides (cedros soles)

jewlery: pendant necklace (anthropologie), star necklace (cedros soles)


outfit #2:

dress: planet blue

jacket: pistola denim (van de vort)

shoes: rebecca minkoff (nordstrom)

sunglasses: ray-ban

jewlery: necklace (31 bits)


outfit #3:

dress: olivaceous (mabels clothing boutique) 

sunglasses: express clothing

jewlery: necklace (nordstrom)

Nicolina Duhs