HEllo fashion lovers, beauty enthusiasts, and travel adventurers. My name is nicolina, but i often go by nick. as a part time fashionista, explorer, make- up admirer and a full time 20 year-old girl, you can find me drinking coffee at all times of the day, practicing french with my rosetta stone, and walking the halls of ucla as a student. despite trying to get my daily dose of exercise at orange theory fitness, applying to internships, or traveling to third world countries on mission trips,  it is writing about my passions that gives me the most joy.

"where did you get those shoes? or shirt? or skirt?"
"actually, scratch that, where did you get your whole outfit?"

it is these questions that have been most commonly asked the past 19 years of my life. after been asked so many times about my fashion, i decided it was time to express my love of all things fashion to all who want to know, in the hope that they too will see the value of fashion. not only is my hope to share the trends of today, but to help people find their own creativity in what they love. 

xxx, nicolina